Plumber Toronto

01 Sep. 18

Fall Season Plumbing Tips

Fall is coming and you know what that means – for us living in Toronto, winter will be here before you can imagine. Right now is a great time to make sure your home is prepared for the cold, below are some other plumbing tips for the season:

Disconnect and Store Outdoor Hoses: Make sure all of your water spigots are turned off, and then disconnect your outdoor hoses. If temperatures get down to freezing and your hoses are still connected, the water inside could freeze and cause problems for your indoor pipes.
Clean Gutters Regularly: Fall means lots of pretty and colored leaves; however, many of those leaves could end up in your gutters. If your gutters aren’t cleaned out on a steady basis, those leaves could stack and cause major problems once winter is here. Gutters which are clogged with garbage could prevent water from draining correctly (which means water could end up leaking into your home).
Insulate Exposed Pipes: Take a look around your home and be alert for any pipes that are exposed to the air. These pipes are more potential for freezing and bursting during cold temperatures, so ensure that you insulate them properly in order to keep them warm.
Clean Out Your Septic System: Many people forget about their septic systems, and fall is a great time to give yours a detailed cleaning. Have your septic tank pumped and your sewer line snaked to remove any built-up debris and prevent clogs during the winter. Cleaning your septic system can be tough to do yourself, so trust a local plumbing professional to do to the job right.
Flush Your Water Heater: Since you water heater works harder during the cold months, flush it out before winter sets in. This will help get rid of build-up, which can cause rust and reduce the water heater’s efficiency. Check with the manufacturer of your water heater for instructions on how to properly flush it.