Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets Repair, Replacement and New Installation

At Ray plumbing, we have all the modern and up to date equipment to Repair, Replace and Install faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms using top quality faucets supplies.
To almost all of us, a leaking or dripping faucet may sound like a tiny issue, but there are many many logical reasons to have it fixed instead of leaving it leaking. In the short run, it may seems that it will not cause an issue, but looking at in a long term, the leaking water will finally mark your sink and you will be left with stains, and also it will rust your fixtures. Nonetheless a lot of water will be wasted with Leaking or dripping waters caused by damaged faucets, that is almost 870 liter a year.

Ray Plumbing provides following Faucet Services:

Kitchen faucet replacement

Faucet Installations & Replacements

As mentioned earlier, at Ray Plumbing, we have wisely selected our supplies, and our faucet supplies are no different. The faucets have been selected taking into consideration their quality, performance, price and long lasting designs. Licensed plumbers at Ray Plumbing are fully certified to install and replace faucets for both residential and commercial places.

commercial plumbing services

Faucet Repair

faucet replacement

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