Washing Machine Leak & Repair and Installation Services

Still standing water in your laundry tub or washing machine may probably be sign of a laundry line clog. It’s about half an hour that you have put your laundry in the washer and when you go back to laundry room, you find the laundry room full of water. This is caused by a laundry drain back-up. With rapid accuracy, our skilled plumbers at Ray Plumbing will clear blockages in your drains. We will first identify the root cause and then we will fix the problem. Additionally, we provide our customers preventative solutions that can help prevent clogged drains to occur in the future. At Ray Plumbing we provide 24 HR Emergency laundry line drain cleaning to get your washing machine accurately running and back to functioning properly again.
Also if your washing machine hose is leaking, our certified plumbers are skilled and experienced to fix it for you in no time.
Moreover, Hair, soap, slush and old rusty drain lines can all be drain clogging reasons. Clogs can also be a sign of bigger problems like a main sewer line back up or problems with secondary lines. Our licensed plumbers have years of experience to deal with any plumbing job no matter how complicated it is.
If your laundry room’s plumbing needs professional repair, maintenance or installation work from a licensed, certified plumber we can help! Please call (416)876-6679, or fill out our service request form.

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