Mixing Valve Water Heater

Installing a hot water mixing valve is a good idea. Mixing valve also knows as a tempering valve, anti-scald valve, and shower mixing valve, is designed to lower the hot water temperature and avoid burns.
In residential water heating, hot water mixing valves are used so when taking a shower, bath or hand-washing, by mixing the hot and cold water in the branch water line, it will reduce the temperature at the point-of-use.
Mixing valves are also known as anti-scald mixing valves, tempering valves or shower mixing valves and are highly recommended for every household, particularly if there are kids and seniors. Our skilled and expert licensed plumbers at Ray Plumbing have all the expertise and experience to install and or repair your mixing valve water heater.

Advantages of the mixing valves

Great advantages of the mixing valves for hot water are the ability to extend the capacity of tank storage type and tankless heaters and of course, significantly reduce the risk of scald injuries in your home.
As the mixing valve provides protection and comfort for your family, it also prevents the growth of bacteria. With the thermostatic mixing valves, it is easy to avoid low temperatures where bacteria are active; you can set the temperature high enough to avoid scalding and to eliminate bacteria.


Types of hot water mixing valves

There are different types of mixing valves, which can meet various installation requirements. The most popular sizes of these tempering or anti-scalding valves are 1/2″ and 3/4″ which are usually the most common fitting sizes.

Hot water mixing valve can be found in following types:

  • Hydraulically operated mixing valves
  • Thermostatically operated mixing valves
  • 3-way motorized mixing valves
  • 4-way motorized mixing valves

At Ray Plumbing we are fully equipped and have selected top quality brands in regards to these mixing valve types and we can promptly repair or replace it as per your household needs. Contact Ray Plumbing today for free estimation for any mixing valve type repair or installation

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